Antony Tang

Antony Tang is Adjunct Professor at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Vrije Universeiteit Amsterdam. He received a PhD degree in Information Technology from Swinburne in 2007. Prior to being a researcher, he had spent many years designing and developing software systems.

His main research interest is in software architecture design and design reasoning. Current and past research in software development focuses on analysis and design processes and methods. There is little understanding on how design decisions are made by people and how their thinking and decision making influence design. As designers, we assume that we make the correct design decisions based on our intuition and experience. A deeper understanding of design decisions and the process to reach decisions provide insights into whether decisions are sound and how to improve them. Such research can help software architects and designers to better design, evaluate, trace and maintain complex systems.

His other research interest is to build accurate indoor location systems and sensors. The objective of this project is to help elderly people in a nursing home, elderly people living alone in their own homes, and patients in hospital. We use various devices to detect where people are located and their postures. Then we use machine learning algorithms to determine if a person is in an anomaly situation. Examples are falling in the bathroom, staying in the hallway and remaining in the backyard for overly long time. We have a laboratory at Swinburne and we work with industry partners, hospital and nursing home.